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New books and stories are under construction! I am hopeful that new stories will emerge, ready to inspire and entertain. Much love to you all always.

Short Story Collection


Jarret struggles to balance his ordinary life as a college student and his secret life... being a demon hunter. Believing in the truth of the Word of God and living in Christ is something he will never give up. Turmoil crashed in when he let his selfishness get in the way of his hunting duties. Carley is his breath of fresh air, an escape from his reality. But after one anxiety-ridden night, his worlds collide... Download 'Mind Shifter' today to see how this gripping story unfolds.

Lost in a Dream

When Lucas’s girlfriend, Camille, becomes trapped in a coma he obtains help from an old friend and together they illegally gain access to the Psychotherapy Analysis Machine to travel into the subconscious mind of his girlfriend before she is gone forever.


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Upcoming Stories

Working Book Blurb

Blake is a fourteen-year-old honor student in the youth military pilot program on colony LOV XII. He can pilot anything his teachers throw at him and now he might be one of the few candidates chosen for specialized training at the top-secret military space program. But when his mother is murdered, his priorities quickly shift from being an elite pilot to searching for her killer. After a series of mishaps and theft of government equipment, Blake is sentenced to probation – on earth – with his estranged father that he never met; a billionaire named Everett Kingston.


Blake is having a hard time being in the spotlight of sudden wealth when he meets a curious girl named Lizzie whose sole desire is to become the best reporter in Harbour City – her next big story will be the secret to what happened to the city’s most loved superhero who disappeared ten years ago and now reports have surfaced of sightings in nearby cities. 


Soon, they join forces when Lizzie’s natural curiosity and Blake’s relentless desire to find who killed his mother land them hot on the trail of a notorious crime boss who’s bringing super tech into the city. Blake and Lizzie come across some of the stolen tech and use it to fight their way out of trouble only to land them square in the middle of a battle with the notorious foe that only the superhero can destroy. Do they have what it takes to stop the destruction or will the long-lost superhero come in time to save them?


Stay tuned to see how this adventure unfolds…