• Checking Out the World of Blogging… Please Be Gentle

    This will be my second attempt at starting a blog. Hopefully I can keep up and blog more regularly as my schedule is fairly busy. I’m a mom, domestic engineer, a wife, writer, actor, costume maker, and cosplayer – pretty much an all around nerd / geek, for those of you who like to use labels. Generally I like to have fun. Fun is good (and fun)!

    This blog that I’ve started will be more focused on my goals and progress in my writing ventures, though I have many goals, I’ll do my best to stay focused on my writing. Stay tough! (Focus Daniel-san) 😉

    Goal number one: OK, I should probably mention that I’m pregnant with my second child, as if I’m not busy enough, and am about eight weeks away from meeting the baby face to face. So, my goal right now is to finish my second draft of my manuscript – a young adult, fantasy novel. After the baby is born, regardless on how my progress is, I’ll reassess my writing goal and make a new one. 🙂

    Goal number two: Keep up with blogging! I know that at first I’ll be blogging every day or two, but will probably drop to about every week or two. My goal will be to write my blog about every week until the baby is born and, once again, reassess my blogging goal.

    Wish me luck!

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