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Summer Reading Freebies

My Latest Short Story Ready for Summer!

Hello, my friends,

My latest short story is here! Hurrah. I’m excited. There’s a chance I’ll expand on this idea, but as of right now this is what I’ve written and will let it swirl around my mind until I feel called to keep writing in the world of ocean kingdoms, empires, and merfolk’s life with the surface people. 

The working blurb (as of right now):


“Rory has a secret. A secret very few people know about.

She is the daughter of the Kraken King – a sea monster. Masquerading as a human when on dry land she must keep up the facade in order to protect her family and others like her. On top of it all, she must keep human interaction to a bare minimum – except she has fallen in love with a surface boy. 

When her true identity is threatened to be revealed she must decide whether to risk showing her true self in the name of love or break off her relationship with the hope of keeping her family safe.”

‘Beyond the Sea’ is part of a few free e-book group giveaways this summer. Please feel free to check out the other books in these giveaways as it will help out other indie authors like me. Click ‘Beyond the Sea’ cover to take you straight to the e-book download and/or click the giveaway banners below to peruse other titles.

The cover for ‘Beyond the Sea’ was created by ‘Covered Creatively’ and I love it. Please check her stuff out. 

Thank you for all your support.

JT Harris.