I’ll Procrastinate in a Minute.

Have you ever stared at a blank screen and thought “I should be writing something”, but nothing comes to mind? I have. And it sucks. Sometimes I even find it hard to bring myself to my writing notes to continue writing what I started. The most frustrating thing is that I already know what my story is all about. My story has an arc, twists, turns, many problems for my main character, and all that stuff and fluff that goes in between. What my problem is – or problems – I think I’m afraid of failure and success all at the same time and perhaps I keep making excuses like I’m too tired or I’m just going to read one more post on the internet, then thirteen posts later it’s time for bed, is because of fear. Like so many things we put our characters through, fear is an obstacle, an obstacle we CAN overcome. It is possible.

Best writing tip ever… Do you want to know what it is? Start writing! Yup. That’s it. No long quip or quote just plain old “start writing”. No matter if you think your writing is crap, boring, or whatever excuse your mind can gather, just tell your mind to be quiet and go write.

I need to stop procrastinating and start writing again. Like right now!
Go! What are you waiting for???
Stop blogging. Go writing.

Second Draft here I come!

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  • Kimberellie

    I find I don't have a lot of time to write. But lately I have been feeling the same way you do Julie, like I MUST WRITE!

    Do you want to hear something interesting, APPARENTLY, a lot of writers DON'T like writing! They like plotting stories/books/articles/etc; they like creating characters; they like researching; but they don't like the actual process of writing!

    Maybe that's you? I find this odd, because I actually enjoy writing. But it must be quite common because I have actually read that "no writers actually like to write". Which isn't true; as I'm sure I'm not the only exception.

    But anyway, if it is YOU, you are in good company!