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‘Hunter Shan: Rising Storm’ Cover Reveal

Here it is!!!

But first a word from my sponsor…

Just kidding, I don’t have a sponsor. What I do have is an amazing support system of friends and family who have been my cheerleaders from the very beginning. I am eternally grateful to have them in my life.

For those who don’t have a support system of a cheer squad ready with words of encouragement I truly wish you will find your flock, your pack, your pride, your [random animal group name here]. Until then, “You can do it!”, “You are amazing!”, “Get your butt in the chair and write!” (<– For my writerly friends), “Stay Hydrated”.

On with the cover reveal!

Insert awesome movie soundtrack music here…

This cover is made by We Got You Covered Book Design.

Click the picture to take you to her website!

Good day, my book geeks, 

Hunter Shan: Rising Storm is off to the printers for the proof copy and it’s getting (super) close to publishing day. I don’t have an exact day of when it will be published (as of right now) but if the proof copy looks good then I’m predicting it will be available by the end of June! So close!

Any fun bookish things you are up to?

I finally ripped into my office and cleared off the bookshelf and have started filling it with, well, books. The books in my living room are practically bursting at the seams and it’s nice to move some to my office so they can get a bit of breathing room. And now I have more nerdy space. Ahh, better.

I hope you all have a geeky day. Please keep creating.

JT Harris