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The best place to write.

Where is the best place to write? The best place to reflect and hone in on your inner creator? At a coffee shop? A library? At a park?

My “best place” to write at the moment is at night, with no lights on, the TV running in the background, or listening to music that is inspiring me in the moment, sitting in my favourite corner of the couch, and my little fingers typing away on my keyboard. Mmmm… bliss.

Honestly, finding your favourite place to write is a personal choice. Everyone is different. We are meant to be different. Different is fantastic. That’s what makes everything so interesting. 

Venture forth and find your “best place”, whether it be in bed, at a desk, at a library, or snuggled on the couch, just write. Keep trying new spots, whether they are around your house or around your neighborhood, just try until your soul says ‘yes, this is a good spot’. Sometimes it will change. Just go with the flow of life. New writing spots will emerge. 

Where is your favourite place to write? 

Keep creating.
Inkblade Writer. 


  • Wayne Townsend

    Inkbladewriter, I have read a number of your blogs and can readily see that you are a writer by passion. For the longest time, I thought of myself as a poor writer because my teachers confirmed this. The truth is that I was an undeveloped writer. I failed twice in school and was told by my guidance counsellor to leave school and go get a job. Fortunately, sports and music kept me in school. Later in life, after three honours degrees and was third in my graduating class from university, I still had retained a low self-esteem around writing. A colleague of mine asked me to do the JVIS Interest Survey as a favour to him and it revealed that I had a high interest in common with writers. It never occurred to me that even after great success in school that it was possible for me to be a writer. From that day forward, I spent at least one hour per day writing—anywhere and everywhere. I wrote about anything that popped into my head…but I kept on writing. Today, I have published numerous articles in English and some transcribed to French for the Quebec audience. I have published two books, one of which is a Canadian Best Seller, Intelligent Leaders: Let Me Know When You Find One. It is definitely a book of humour underlining the basic principles of effective leadership. This year, I experimented with a blog site: In less than one year, I have published over 90 blog posts with free articles and research for leaders and aspiring leaders. In that time, I now have over 14,500 followers and I am averaging 60 – 70 hits per day. The reason I tell you all this is not to brag; but rather, to encourage you to keep on writing and writing and writing. The words will come. With all the love that humanity can send your way, give yourself time and permission to write as regularly as you can; and from that, you never know who you will impact in some positive way—just because you could. Wayne Townsend

  • Inkblade Writer

    Thank you for reading my posts. I very much appreciate it. No matter how scared or intimidated I am or how hard writing may seem I will continue to be determined and have the desire to write. I am forever learning and tweaking my writing to become better and better. Not writing, to me, would be like not breathing, impossible. Expressing art of any kind, I believe, is important to our well-being and a sound mental state. My hope would be that one day, and many days and years to follow, would be that others like/love my stories and feel inspired to create their own art as I felt inspired when I was a kid when I fell in love with books and the adventures they held within their pages.

    Thank you for your comment. Continue being awesome as you are and, of course, keep creating.
    Inkblade Writer.