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Why the name change?

Hello everyone. You may have noticed a new look and a name change to the blog. It is now my official author name. All (most) of my future books shall bare this name. T’is only the beginning of many new things to come. I have decided to change my blog title to my author name and across all my social media. Keeps everything simple. 

I am currently working on getting a website up and running and I got to say this has been the most difficult and trying time of my publishing process. There are so many choices, both free and paid options, and to someone who is not fluent in the computer language it has been a rutting nightmare. Regardless, I am on my way and finally have a domain name and am currently working on my webpage. I sure hope this next step is an easier one. 

Because I live in Canada I have the option of using Shaw Business to purchase a domain name and web presence. I installed WordPress (through Shaw) and am now working on setting up my website. You can go through WordPress website itself to set up a blog or use them to set up your domain. They are reasonably priced too. There are other free options, but are limited to what they can provide (for what I wanted) so I chose Shaw as we are already customers for other things. This is new to me and everything is a learning curve. Don’t worry, learning is fun for me. I am not complaining. Okay. Just a bit. (Perhaps, more crying in the corner.)

Anyway, on to more learning. 
Please feel free to check out my new website and subscribe to my newsletter where you will be one of the first to know of all my publishing dates, writing updates, and to read samples of my upcoming novel. 

Thank you and keep creating.

JT Harris.