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September Goals

Hello, my friends. Happy September and welcome to autumn. (I love the fall!!!)


September has come so fast and is already a quarter of the way finished. School is upon us! Our household is alive with books, art supplies, and imagination. I am still gathering my homeschooling bearings but feel like I will be in the groove this week and I am learning just as much as the kids are (maybe more).

My manuscript has gone through a round of editing and I will be tackling another draft to clean up and fix things. My goal this month is to finish with my edits then move forward with round two. That’s it! One simple goal. A simple time-consuming goal. Hahaha! I can do this!

So, with autumn fast approaching I am thinking of doing another giveaway. Perhaps something spooky in honor of Halloween. Any of you have favorite spooky stories? The origins of the headless horseman is one of my favorites. Perfectly ghostly.

Thank you for hanging out with me.

Until next time.

Keep creating.

JT Harris.