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August Updates, Goals, and Upcoming Giveaway


My summer hit the ground running. Before I knew it August came. My goodness, I barely realized it was July.

July was full of exploration, family gatherings, crafting, and, of course, writing.

I have a couple major goals happening in August. Straight out the gate, I am participating in a superhero walk for the International China Concern. I donated last year but couldn’t make the walk. This year I am donating and will be able to join in on the walk. The goal is that I have to make a superhero costume, really fast. (Lack of time at its finest.) Yes, I will be a superhero. Power Girl for the win!

My next goal is finishing the tweaks for the ending of my manuscript because I have an editor lined up and ready to help strengthen my story. I am very excited. Having a deadline works wonders for me.

And now my final goal for August will be setting up my first book giveaway! I am still working out a couple of details and will let you all know what, when, and how very soon.

Thank you all!

JT Harris.

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