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And then it was a new year…

Happy New Year!

“Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it… yet” – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables.


Hello friends,


How are you?


Did you have a good winter holiday/celebrations?


This is a new day and a new year with nothing but the future ahead of us. What will you do with your time? Do you have big goals? Little goals? 


Let’s celebrate your wins.


Yes, I am aware of the challenges that we are facing and will face, but in the end, I agree with the quote above from Anne of Green Gables. Every day is a fresh start. No mistakes. (I learned that quote in kindergarten!)


Yet, as I realize, that in Christ, it’s not only a new start but a transformation and relationship. A new creature altogether. Wahoo!


No matter what you believe, every good start and positive step starts in the heart.


I believe you can overcome all obstacles and it’s okay to ask for help. We need each other too.


I am so grateful for you all. Thank you for hanging out with me.


All the love.


Winter Reading

What do you have on your TBR list?


(I’m considering adding pics of some of the books from TBR on my IG account @ jtharriswriter, if you’re curious.)


Mine is lengthy, but I have a few titles I would like to finish reading. Are any of you like me where you read multiple books and maybe finish a few, but then shiny new books catch your attention? Then the cycle continues.


I want to give all the books my equal and undivided attention all at the same time. And can’t. But I want to!


So instead of giving a list of books (that I say) I will read, I will have a goal of reading (almost) every night before I go to bed. There’s been a part of me that wants to review books, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll review a few and see how it goes.


What are you reading this winter? Are there other shiny new books to add to my ever growing TBR?!




I’m sure there is.


All the blessings.

For those who write fiction

From Idea to 60k is currently FREE! Sign up before Jan 11th and join the beta crew. I'm excited that my Inkblade Warriors Academy course has been up and running and has new writing resources on the private community network. I'm looking for a few more BETA tester friends before the founders family/friends price begins. There are new ideas implemented and resources being added continuously. I'd love to write with you and help your stories grow into the stories they were meant to be. Let's journey together!