Starting Fresh

New things are coming to my website!

“By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen” – Heb. 11:3



Hello my friends,


It’s been a while since I made a post. I am very hopeful that you are all doing well. There’s so much that has changed around here I will encourage you to take a look if you so desire. There are more changes coming up and I should be a bit more active than the last year and a half. 


I have experienced some life-changing moments in my life with Jesus Christ. I have not experienced this before in all my life. For a more elaborate explanation please read my testimony under my About Me page or click the Testimony link on my Home page.



New stories coming!


I am in the midst of writing a new story. I am really excited and will do my best to keep you all updated as new and fun things emerge.


I am doing my best to make this a single stand-alone book, but if I know me and how I write it’s super challenging to write a simple or short story and I end up writing multiple books worth of story.


I have a working blurb posted at the bottom of my Books page (scroll to the bottom of the page)

New! Author Services

Introducing my author services and Inkblade Warriors Academy course + community. 


Inkblade Warriors Academy has been founded with the hope of crushing procrastination through encouragement, lots of writing sprints, writing prompts, and prayers. I believe that our words, both spoken and written, have the power to build or destroy. I hope that we, story warriors, victoriously use our words to crush negative thinking, inspire young minds to have a relationship with Jesus, grow spiritually, and triumph in love, faith, and truth.


Learn more on my Author Services page.

New Logos!!

Aren’t these amazing? A huge shout out to my friend Nevin from Hangman comics for making these fabulous logos for me. 


His talent for art is amazing. I love it!

Thank you, Nevin.


As for everything I do and make, there’s usually a story behind everything. These are no different. I won’t get into that right now. Maybe someday. But not now.


Thank you, Jesus, for everything you do for me.

And thank you to you all for sticking around. (Even if you don’t stick around I will still care for you)

Much love to you all.

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