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Lots More Learning!


I just figured out how to add all my posts from my blog. Who knew I could do that? Neat. 🙂

So, now my website is very full, but may also seem a bit weird that I have some of the posts that sign off as my old Inkblade Writer name and others with my new author name of JT Harris. My author name will be the one I will be sticking to in the future. Sorry, if there is any confusion. The only thing that didn’t transfer was the pictures that I had to highlight my posts. I may try to add a few to add a dash of color to my site. I like color. It adds life.

Tomorrow will be another day of learning and hopefully writing and editing. For now, I must rest. (I hear that’s good for you or something like that.)

Until next time, keep creating.

J.T. Harris.