• When you get writer’s block.

    There’s plenty advice on what to do when you get writer’s block: go for a walk, have some tea, play some games, etc. I do agree that sometimes when something is driving you crazy it might be best to take a breather and get a bit of space. Those breaks for me have been exactly what I needed. Silence is amazing. (I have kids, so silence really is golden.)

    As much as I believe those breathers are great for writer’s block, but too much of a break can halt healthy progress. When you get writer’s block one of the best ways out of it is to keep on writing. Yup. Writing your way out of not writing. 

    It doesn’t have to be on the manuscript or piece of writing you were working on. You can journal about what is frustrating you, write an outline (if you’re into that), look into your character’s history, write your characters doing something out of their ordinary. Just write. Writing is essential to getting out of your block. It’s true. I’ve tried. 

    Sometimes I find that staring at an blank screen of everlasting white wipes my mind clear of all my creative genius. All ideas disappear. When that happens, I turn to my notebook, grab my favourite pen, and write. I don’t know what it is about pen and paper, but it seems to open the universe of words and ideas and I just write. It doesn’t have to be good or well punctuated because that can all be edited later. 

    Yes, take those small breaks. You deserve it. Take that breath. Have that tea. But, by golly, get back to writing.

    What are some tips you have for writer’s block? What are some fun writing exercises that have helped kick your writing into gear?

    Keep creating.
    Inkblade Writer.

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