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    A Simple Plotting Guide for Writers

    Hello, book and writer geeks, Before I get to the plotting guide I would like to have a bit of transparency and full honesty: While I do have a few writers’ certificates from correspondence courses and have taken a handful of English and creative writing classes, I don’t have any major writing degree (maybe one day I’ll finish a creative writing degree, but today is not that day.) I am just a simple, geeky person with an inner, blazing fire for writing and creating that has been burning since I was a child. The desire to be forever learning my craft will never cease. During my ongoing desire to write,…

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    Writing Process for Indie Writers

    Seasons greetings, May your winter holidays be merry and bright – even if it’s just chilling at home or at work. I have discovered that I like to research any topic that tickles my fancy and I like to organize it. I’m probably a word geek. Yes, a word geek ( or wordsmith, if you will). I can live with that. In my latest research binge and the love of organizing it I have conjured a decent list about the writing process from brainstorming ideas to publication. This list is not the only way to write or the One Great List to rule them all. This a launching point. Tweak as…

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    A Good Seat For NaNoWriMo

    So, it’s a wet, cold rainy day today, which is very normal at this time of year for where I live, and I am snuggled up with some homemade soup, hot cocoa, and my big couch potato of a dog, and am getting excited and nervous as “Preptober” comes to an end and NaNoWriMo comes to a start. November is less than a week a way and I must write 50,000 words in the 30 days. Yikes and yay! I have never attempted this. Please wish me lots of luck and speedy typing fingers.Most of my story outline is complete and have a good idea where my story is going.…

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    Starting Over

    So, it would seem that I need to start from scratch, on my story that is. Not that it’s a bad thing; I just feel that it is something that needs to happen for my story to be successful. Learn from my mistakes and move forward. Always move forward.  I have decided to take a writing course through The Institute of Children’s Literature, a correspondance course for writers who write for children and young adults. It may not be for everyone, but the course has helped me focus my writing and actually finish some of my projects. A big deal to me. I am a procrastinator – sorta. Perhaps I like…