• Writing Process for Indie Writers

    Seasons greetings,

    May your winter holidays be merry and bright – even if it’s just chilling at home or at work.

    I have discovered that I like to research any topic that tickles my fancy and I like to organize it. I’m probably a word geek. Yes, a word geek ( or wordsmith, if you will). I can live with that. In my latest research binge and the love of organizing it I have conjured a decent list about the writing process from brainstorming ideas to publication. This list is not the only way to write or the One Great List to rule them all. This a launching point. Tweak as you will for whatever works for you. Everyone is different.

    The writing process (checklist)

    1. The idea
    2. Brainstorming (write all your ideas down – do not edit)
    3. Character creation, map your world, worldbuilding (keep collecting those ideas)
    4. Outlining (this is important, but not everyone likes to do this – to each their own – you do you!)
    5. Drafting (do not edit at this point – just write – this might take a while)
    6. Revise (this is the time to rearrange, add, or take out what doesn’t belong – stories have a flow, voice, and rhythm, find it)
    7. Find someone or a few people to critique your story
    8. Revise again
    9. Hire a developmental editor or a talented book-lover  friend to read your story (find those plot holes, things that don’t fit into your story, things that need more explanation, etc…)
    10. Start chatting about your book on social media (Soft Promotion)
    11. Revise again (some of you may start the editing process here depending on how your project is going – every process is different.)
    12. Find beta readers (more awesome critiquing!)
    13. Revise again (with feeling!) and/or self-edit
    14. Hire a professional copy editor (or another talented friend – I will recommend that you pick a different person to copyedit your work from the developmental editor. Everyone will catch different mistakes)
    15. Apply for an ISBN (if you don’t already have one)
    16. Write book blurb, acknowledgments page, and about the author page
    17. Hire a cover artist/ designer and someone who does interior formatting (Some of you are amazing at this already so you’ve got yourself covered)
    18. Promote your book! (Share book teasers, cover reveal, hit that social media pavement, etc)
    19. Send out ARCs! (Advanced Readers Copies) – (Ask for honest reviews in exchange for a free book – optional)
    20. Release your book!!!
    21. Celebrate! (you did it!!!)
    Thank you for reading!

    There you have it. My long writing process list. This list may go through a few tweaks in the future, but for now, this is what I have. I have learned a lot this past year about writing and publishing and I don’t intend to quit anytime soon.

    I hope you all keep creating into the new year. Much love.


    JT Harris.


    Photo on <a href=”https://visualhunt.com/re/9b1f56″>Visualhunt</a>

    Photo on http://<a href=”https://visualhunt.com/re/9b1f56″>Visualhunt</a>


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  • September Goals

    Hello, my friends. Happy September and welcome to autumn. (I love the fall!!!)


    September has come so fast and is already a quarter of the way finished. School is upon us! Our household is alive with books, art supplies, and imagination. I am still gathering my homeschooling bearings but feel like I will be in the groove this week and I am learning just as much as the kids are (maybe more).

    My manuscript has gone through a round of editing and I will be tackling another draft to clean up and fix things. My goal this month is to finish with my edits then move forward with round two. That’s it! One simple goal. A simple time-consuming goal. Hahaha! I can do this!

    So, with autumn fast approaching I am thinking of doing another giveaway. Perhaps something spooky in honor of Halloween. Any of you have favorite spooky stories? The origins of the headless horseman is one of my favorites. Perfectly ghostly.

    Thank you for hanging out with me.

    Until next time.

    Keep creating.

    JT Harris.


  • August Updates, Goals, and Upcoming Giveaway


    My summer hit the ground running. Before I knew it August came. My goodness, I barely realized it was July.

    July was full of exploration, family gatherings, crafting, and, of course, writing.

    I have a couple major goals happening in August. Straight out the gate, I am participating in a superhero walk for the International China Concern. I donated last year but couldn’t make the walk. This year I am donating and will be able to join in on the walk. The goal is that I have to make a superhero costume, really fast. (Lack of time at its finest.) Yes, I will be a superhero. Power Girl for the win!

    My next goal is finishing the tweaks for the ending of my manuscript because I have an editor lined up and ready to help strengthen my story. I am very excited. Having a deadline works wonders for me.

    And now my final goal for August will be setting up my first book giveaway! I am still working out a couple of details and will let you all know what, when, and how very soon.

    Thank you all!

    JT Harris.

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    International China Concern:


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  • Editing everything












    Well, it’s a long-time-no-post situation. Thank you for your patience.

    I am currently working on re-writing my story ending but may still choose an earlier version. Stories sometimes have a way of writing themselves (in a matter of speaking). Also, the website is going through a bit of a transformation so please keep checking back to see all the new changes. If you’d like to keep up to date and be notified of all the new content before everyone else I will suggest signing up to my newsletter! Sneak peeks and free content should be arriving fairly soon.

    Thank you and keep creating.

    JT Harris


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  • Setting Goals.

    Photo via <a href=”https://pixabay.com/en/users/MannyvonKannen-699079/”>MannyvonKannen</a> via <a href=”https://visualhunt.com/photos/christmas/”>VisualHunt.com</a>
    As many of my friends and family know, I have won this year’s NaNoWriMo! And, I couldn’t be happier about it. 

    I have been so busy with my writing and Christmastime that I have put a slight halt to my blogging. I love you all for your patience. Thank you!

    Christmas is almost upon us, again, and there’s so much to prepare, lists to check off, people to see, and, of course, writing to be finished. I have given myself a bit of time to chew over what I wrote in the month of November and am doing a bit more world building for my fantasy before I jump into editing and begin to mold and whip my story into shape. My editing cap is almost ready to be worn. 😉

    I have decided to give myself a deadline/ end goal for my manuscript to be finished. My reason for my goal is because I am a procrastinator and if I have a goal I will procrastinate less. The more I focus on my goal the more I will do. I may even wait until the bitter end before I throw myself into action, but I am determined to get the manuscript finished. So, my end goal is to have the book ready by the summer of 2017! 

    Wish me luck. This is so new to me. And scary. And fun. And challenging. I will be updating my progress at most every step that I take. If you’d like to check my progress you can keep checking here on my blog or check out my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/inkbladewriter/

    Thank you so much for joining me today! 
    Until next time.
    Keep creating and Merry December,  Happy Winter Solstice, and have a joyous Christmas.

    Inkblade Writer.