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    Summer Reading Freebies

    My Latest Short Story Ready for Summer! Hello, my friends, My latest short story is here! Hurrah. I’m excited. There’s a chance I’ll expand on this idea, but as of right now this is what I’ve written and will let it swirl around my mind until I feel called to keep writing in the world of ocean kingdoms, empires, and merfolk’s life with the surface people.  The working blurb (as of right now): “Rory has a secret. A secret very few people know about. She is the daughter of the Kraken King – a sea monster. Masquerading as a human when on dry land she must keep up the facade…

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    ‘Hunter Shan: Rising Storm’ Cover Reveal

    Here it is!!! But first a word from my sponsor… Just kidding, I don’t have a sponsor. What I do have is an amazing support system of friends and family who have been my cheerleaders from the very beginning. I am eternally grateful to have them in my life. For those who don’t have a support system of a cheer squad ready with words of encouragement I truly wish you will find your flock, your pack, your pride, your [random animal group name here]. Until then, “You can do it!”, “You are amazing!”, “Get your butt in the chair and write!” (<– For my writerly friends), “Stay Hydrated”. On with…

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    Bookish Pet Peeves and Cliches Found In YA Novels

    Photo via Visual hunt Well, this week I did a bunch of research on bookish pet peeves and cliches/ tropes in YA fiction that one finds annoying or overdone on certain aspects of the published book itself or written in the book. This is the compiled list of what I discovered:    Bookish Pet Peeves: 1) Never ruin a book lovers’ book. (Never dog ear pages, never crease spines, never fold covers back, or there will be fire and brimstone and you will be tossed in without a second glance.)   2) Weird character names or unpronounceable character names.   3) Too many “holding their breath without realizing it” moments.…

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