• I joined NaNoWriMo!

    Well, I have just signed up for my first NaNoWriMo! Dear Lord, what have I done? 

    I am not writing a novel from scratch in the month of November, but rather pushing through the final chunk of my story. I have, so far, written my fantasy in a single point of view and I feel it needs a secondary point of view. Joining NaNoWriMo, I hope, will keep me grounded at my computer to get through to the end, and perhaps, I’ll meet fellow NaNo friends to encourage each other to persevere and to finish what we have started. 

    Here’s to early mornings and late nights of writing! And tea. Lots of tea. But before NaNoWriMo it’s still October and so I will take this time to keep on planning, researching, stockpiling my ideas, and working on outlining my chapters and scenes, with the hope that when November rolls around it will be easier to sit down and write. If I don’t take the time to prepare now I won’t be able to just sit and write. I have a very short attention span when it comes to story writing (or just being on my computer with all the distractions of the internet). My mind won’t turn off. Many ideas come to me all at once and I find it very hard to just sit still and just work on one scene without it flitting off to another scene or idea, or even different ways I could write the same scene over and over again. 

    In the past, I have tried writing by the seat of my pants (pantser) and even though at times it has worked well for me there has been many times it has held me back. My personality needs a bit of guidance with the freedom to change paths. That is what has worked for me and until it stops working for me I will continue to plot. 

    Keep creating.
    Inkblade Writer
  • Don’t Forget To Take Time For Yourself

    Hello again! These next few blog posts will be short and sweet. October will soon be upon us and it’s always a busy time of year for me. I make costumes quite often so naturally, October becomes costume making month as I like to make my kids, husband, and myself costumes for Halloween. I will soon be up to my elbows in fabric, boxes, paint, and tape. There will be princesses and creepers of plenty… 🙂

    As important as it is to write all the time it’s just as important to take time for yourself and for your family and friends. So, peel your way from your laptop or notebook. Go outside. Bake something. Drink tea (always drink tea) and say hello to your friends and family. They’ll love you for it.
    Also, read! Reading is very important to writing. Words are magic. Mmm… magical words. Oh goodness, I love October. I could go on forever chatting about magic. So, in the spirit of magic and October what are your favorite books to read that include the element of magic?

    Hopefully you can share some great magical stories with your friends and family.

    Happy costume and magic month!
    Keep creating.

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  • The best place to write.

    Where is the best place to write? The best place to reflect and hone in on your inner creator? At a coffee shop? A library? At a park?

    My “best place” to write at the moment is at night, with no lights on, the TV running in the background, or listening to music that is inspiring me in the moment, sitting in my favourite corner of the couch, and my little fingers typing away on my keyboard. Mmmm… bliss.

    Honestly, finding your favourite place to write is a personal choice. Everyone is different. We are meant to be different. Different is fantastic. That’s what makes everything so interesting. 

    Venture forth and find your “best place”, whether it be in bed, at a desk, at a library, or snuggled on the couch, just write. Keep trying new spots, whether they are around your house or around your neighborhood, just try until your soul says ‘yes, this is a good spot’. Sometimes it will change. Just go with the flow of life. New writing spots will emerge. 

    Where is your favourite place to write? 

    Keep creating.
    Inkblade Writer. 
  • When you get writer’s block.

    There’s plenty advice on what to do when you get writer’s block: go for a walk, have some tea, play some games, etc. I do agree that sometimes when something is driving you crazy it might be best to take a breather and get a bit of space. Those breaks for me have been exactly what I needed. Silence is amazing. (I have kids, so silence really is golden.)

    As much as I believe those breathers are great for writer’s block, but too much of a break can halt healthy progress. When you get writer’s block one of the best ways out of it is to keep on writing. Yup. Writing your way out of not writing. 

    It doesn’t have to be on the manuscript or piece of writing you were working on. You can journal about what is frustrating you, write an outline (if you’re into that), look into your character’s history, write your characters doing something out of their ordinary. Just write. Writing is essential to getting out of your block. It’s true. I’ve tried. 

    Sometimes I find that staring at an blank screen of everlasting white wipes my mind clear of all my creative genius. All ideas disappear. When that happens, I turn to my notebook, grab my favourite pen, and write. I don’t know what it is about pen and paper, but it seems to open the universe of words and ideas and I just write. It doesn’t have to be good or well punctuated because that can all be edited later. 

    Yes, take those small breaks. You deserve it. Take that breath. Have that tea. But, by golly, get back to writing.

    What are some tips you have for writer’s block? What are some fun writing exercises that have helped kick your writing into gear?

    Keep creating.
    Inkblade Writer.

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  • Choosing a Fantasy Race

    I admit it. I, from time to time, have fun playing those silly quiz games; you know the ones – What part of the world you really belong? What era best suits you? What Jane Austen character are you? Take this quiz to find out! – type quizzes.

    Well, some time ago I too took one roughly called ‘What fantasy creature are you?’ It asked various questions like what is your favourite colour and what is your ideal place to live? I answered them to the closest honest answer. My result: a fairy. I wasn’t expecting that, but I wasn’t disappointed. I took the quiz again, just because, and got a different result. This time I was a centaur. Who knew? Maybe I’m a fairy centaur? Does that even exist? Oh well. It is a fantasy after all.

    To tell you the truth, if I were to choose to be a fantasy creature I wouldn’t know what to choose, but a fairy would be a very close guess. Although, fire breathing dragon does sound like great fun. Mmmm, choices.

    Now, if someone were to ask me what fantasy race I would be, I would choose elf, hands down. I am an elf. What kind of elf? That would take a bit more research on my part. (Just not the north pole kind – not that I have anything against Christmas elves. I just don’t think I am that jolly.) 🙂

    Picking out a fantasy race to write about can be a lot of fun. So many possibilities. Endless fun, really. Writing about a random fantasy creature or race can make for a great writing exercise. Choose a creature or fantasy race then write a scene where they do ordinary things or routines, adding in as much or little adventures as you wish. Try the same scene with a few different creatures or fantasy races. What are the differences? What are the similarities?

    I leave you with this question: if you could be a fantasy creature or race what would you be and why?
    Until next time, keep creating.

    Inkblade Writer.


  • Starting Over

    So, it would seem that I need to start from scratch, on my story that is. Not that it’s a bad thing; I just feel that it is something that needs to happen for my story to be successful. Learn from my mistakes and move forward. Always move forward. 

    I have decided to take a writing course through The Institute of Children’s Literature, a correspondance course for writers who write for children and young adults. It may not be for everyone, but the course has helped me focus my writing and actually finish some of my projects. A big deal to me. I am a procrastinator – sorta. Perhaps I like deadlines? Anyway. The course has basically begun and so has my journey into finishing my manuscript. Yippee!

    So far, I have completed a summary and a rough outline. My next task is writing my first chapter (more like re-writing). Bring on the writing frenzy that is my first draft (again).

    The story is definitely taking on a better shape. Outlining my story, who knew? 😉

    Keep writing and move forward. 
  • New Goals

    Hi again,
    It’s a new year with new goals. I’m excited to what this year will bring. Hopefully within the next few months I will be take a correspondence course for writing novels – it may be the push I need to finish my manuscript. I’m feeling optimistic.

    I have the outline for the course so naturally I am getting a jump on my assignments before school starts. Now, before you think I’m a scholastic nerd, I am not – OK maybe a little – but I need a head start; having a family can slow down production when it comes to writing and other hobbies, but as long as I keep going at a steady pace, even a slow one, I am making progress and will finish my manuscript this year.
    That is my goal.
    Wish me luck!

  • Writing and a baby!

    Well, I guess it’s been a bit since my last post. My biggest excuse is that I just gave birth to my second child on October 11th. I know, excuses, excuses… Welcome Miss M!

    My writing has been on a bit of a hiatus since just before she was born and haven’t gotten back to since. Now I think I’m ready to start typing and put my story together. Yeah, re-writes! As my re-writes go underway I will also do a bit of reading – probably more than a “bit”. Reading is awesome!

    I’m feeling inspired. Time for dessert and sleep. OK, sleep after some reading… right!

    Until next time, be creative.