• Editing everything












    Well, it’s a long-time-no-post situation. Thank you for your patience.

    I am currently working on re-writing my story ending but may still choose an earlier version. Stories sometimes have a way of writing themselves (in a matter of speaking). Also, the website is going through a bit of a transformation so please keep checking back to see all the new changes. If you’d like to keep up to date and be notified of all the new content before everyone else I will suggest signing up to my newsletter! Sneak peeks and free content should be arriving fairly soon.

    Thank you and keep creating.

    JT Harris


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  • Starting Over

    So, it would seem that I need to start from scratch, on my story that is. Not that it’s a bad thing; I just feel that it is something that needs to happen for my story to be successful. Learn from my mistakes and move forward. Always move forward. 

    I have decided to take a writing course through The Institute of Children’s Literature, a correspondance course for writers who write for children and young adults. It may not be for everyone, but the course has helped me focus my writing and actually finish some of my projects. A big deal to me. I am a procrastinator – sorta. Perhaps I like deadlines? Anyway. The course has basically begun and so has my journey into finishing my manuscript. Yippee!

    So far, I have completed a summary and a rough outline. My next task is writing my first chapter (more like re-writing). Bring on the writing frenzy that is my first draft (again).

    The story is definitely taking on a better shape. Outlining my story, who knew? 😉

    Keep writing and move forward. 
  • Writing and a baby!

    Well, I guess it’s been a bit since my last post. My biggest excuse is that I just gave birth to my second child on October 11th. I know, excuses, excuses… Welcome Miss M!

    My writing has been on a bit of a hiatus since just before she was born and haven’t gotten back to since. Now I think I’m ready to start typing and put my story together. Yeah, re-writes! As my re-writes go underway I will also do a bit of reading – probably more than a “bit”. Reading is awesome!

    I’m feeling inspired. Time for dessert and sleep. OK, sleep after some reading… right!

    Until next time, be creative.