• Choosing a Fantasy Race

    I admit it. I, from time to time, have fun playing those silly quiz games; you know the ones – What part of the world you really belong? What era best suits you? What Jane Austen character are you? Take this quiz to find out! – type quizzes.

    Well, some time ago I too took one roughly called ‘What fantasy creature are you?’ It asked various questions like what is your favourite colour and what is your ideal place to live? I answered them to the closest honest answer. My result: a fairy. I wasn’t expecting that, but I wasn’t disappointed. I took the quiz again, just because, and got a different result. This time I was a centaur. Who knew? Maybe I’m a fairy centaur? Does that even exist? Oh well. It is a fantasy after all.

    To tell you the truth, if I were to choose to be a fantasy creature I wouldn’t know what to choose, but a fairy would be a very close guess. Although, fire breathing dragon does sound like great fun. Mmmm, choices.

    Now, if someone were to ask me what fantasy race I would be, I would choose elf, hands down. I am an elf. What kind of elf? That would take a bit more research on my part. (Just not the north pole kind – not that I have anything against Christmas elves. I just don’t think I am that jolly.) 🙂

    Picking out a fantasy race to write about can be a lot of fun. So many possibilities. Endless fun, really. Writing about a random fantasy creature or race can make for a great writing exercise. Choose a creature or fantasy race then write a scene where they do ordinary things or routines, adding in as much or little adventures as you wish. Try the same scene with a few different creatures or fantasy races. What are the differences? What are the similarities?

    I leave you with this question: if you could be a fantasy creature or race what would you be and why?
    Until next time, keep creating.

    Inkblade Writer.