• Month of Thanksgiving

    Hello, my friends,

    I know the month of October is almost coming to an end, but I wanted to take some time to reflect on what I’m grateful for. (The fall is just beginning!) There’s so much. Even in the time of chaos and hardship, there’s always something to be thankful for. My family, friends, food on my table, warm clothes for when I’m cold, snuggly blankets, and most of all Jesus. I love You!


    What are your favorite things to do in the autumn?


    Cozy up with your favorite sweater? Eat hardy soups? Go through a corn maze? Read a book with an autumn theme?

    Mine would be all the above and more.

    What Are You Reading?

    I’ve been blessed to be part of Gillian Bronte Adams Street Team, which means first peeks at art, character introductions, and bookish goodies. On top of it, I was able to sign up for an ARC of her latest YA fantasy, Of Fire and Ash. So, I’ll be reading this book and a few others. For an up to date of all my latest reads and newest book finds please follow me on IG @jtharriswriter


    (I might even be part of a few more street teams for more amazing stories and I’m so excited for them all! Stay tuned for a few more book spotlights.)


    And now the blurb for Of Fire and Ash!


    She rides a fireborn, a steed of fire and ash, trained for destruction.


    Ceridwen tal Desmond dreams of ruling like her father over the nation of Soldonia, where warriors ride to battle on magical steeds—soaring on storm winds, vanishing in shadow, quaking the earth, and summoning the sea. After a tragic accident claims her twin brother, she is exiled and sworn to atonement by spending her life—or death—for her people.


    But when invaders spill onto Soldonia’s shores and traitors seize upon the chaos to murder her father, Ceridwen claims the crown to keep the nation from splintering. Combatting overwhelming odds and looming civil war, she begins to wonder if the greatest threat to the kingdom may, in fact, be her.


    With fire before her and ash in her wake, how can she hope to unite instead of destroy?


    Flames rage and oceans rise in this explosive first installment of The Fireborn Epic as the exiled heir, a novice priest, and a reluctant rebel wage war against a hidden power that threatens to shake the world.

    Inkblade Warriors Academy


    Do you like to write with people or alone?⠀


    Or perhaps you need an accountability partner?⠀

    I like to write with people and alone. (With people, as in, sitting at the same table drinking tea with we silently work beside each other. But don’t get me wrong, I could talk about the writing craft for HOURS.)⠀

    And, goodness, do I EVER need an accountability partner. ⠀
    In the Inkblade Warriors Creative Network, not only will I be your accountability partner, but I’ll also have fun writing incentives to keep you wanting to keep writing.⠀

    Let’s write wholesome yet highly adventurous and thought-provoking stories together!⠀


    I have a FREE beta writing course + community, to learn more please follow the link below.

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  • Starting Fresh

    New things are coming to my website!

    “By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen” – Heb. 11:3



    Hello my friends,


    It’s been a while since I made a post. I am very hopeful that you are all doing well. There’s so much that has changed around here I will encourage you to take a look if you so desire. There are more changes coming up and I should be a bit more active than the last year and a half. 


    I have experienced some life-changing moments in my life with Jesus Christ. I have not experienced this before in all my life. For a more elaborate explanation please read my testimony under my About Me page or click the Testimony link on my Home page.



    New stories coming!


    I am in the midst of writing a new story. I am really excited and will do my best to keep you all updated as new and fun things emerge.


    I am doing my best to make this a single stand-alone book, but if I know me and how I write it’s super challenging to write a simple or short story and I end up writing multiple books worth of story.


    I have a working blurb posted at the bottom of my Books page (scroll to the bottom of the page)

    New! Author Services

    Introducing my author services and Inkblade Warriors Academy course + community. 


    Inkblade Warriors Academy has been founded with the hope of crushing procrastination through encouragement, lots of writing sprints, writing prompts, and prayers. I believe that our words, both spoken and written, have the power to build or destroy. I hope that we, story warriors, victoriously use our words to crush negative thinking, inspire young minds to have a relationship with Jesus, grow spiritually, and triumph in love, faith, and truth.


    Learn more on my Author Services page.

    New Logos!!

    Aren’t these amazing? A huge shout out to my friend Nevin from Hangman comics for making these fabulous logos for me. 


    His talent for art is amazing. I love it!

    Thank you, Nevin.


    As for everything I do and make, there’s usually a story behind everything. These are no different. I won’t get into that right now. Maybe someday. But not now.


    Thank you, Jesus, for everything you do for me.

    And thank you to you all for sticking around. (Even if you don’t stick around I will still care for you)

    Much love to you all.

  • Hooked on Stories and a Giveaway

     The Stories That Started It All

    Every reader (that I know of) all remember that one (or two) story/series that sucked them into the world of reading. For me, it was two series’. The first was The Mandie Mystery series by Lois Gladys Leppard, a light-hearted mystery following the life of Mandie Shaw and the puzzles that she either stumbled upon or her curiosity that got the better of her. She and her friends became determined to figure it out which usually led to some sort of trouble and excitement. For a young girl (like I was) I truly fell in love with all of her lively adventures.

    The next series that enthralled me was the Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank Peretti. These stories hooked me on the action-adventure types. This story followed the lives of Jay and Lila Cooper as they went on archaeologist exploits with their father. It was like an Indiana Jones story but for kids. The description was phenomenal and just enough to make me feel like I was there. I was truly addicted and could not put these down. I devoured them.

    Since reading these two series’ I have been a book (story) fan ever since. I have made it my goal to create amazing stories of my own. Action, adventure, drama, and mystery, mixed with fantastical worlds, these are the stories I fell in love with and desire to create for as long as I possibly can.

    What are the stories that you fell in love with that sparked your passion for books and reading?



    February Giveaway!

    I’m getting super close to releasing my very first young adult fantasy and in the spirit of my excitement, I have decided to do another giveaway.

    The book I have chosen this time is none other than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling! The reason for my choice is mainly for my love of fantasy but also, it contributes to my love for creative, world-enveloping stories that add to my obsession with books and reading. Amazing fun!

    For the chance to win Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter by February 21st then on February 22nd I will contact the winner via email. I will give the winner one week to respond and if I get no response I will draw another name. My subscribe button is in the sidebar of my website. (Don’t worry. I only send out one or two short emails a month.)

    Best of luck!

    JT Harris.

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  • Why the name change?

    Hello everyone. You may have noticed a new look and a name change to the blog. It is now my official author name. All (most) of my future books shall bare this name. T’is only the beginning of many new things to come. I have decided to change my blog title to my author name and across all my social media. Keeps everything simple. 

    I am currently working on getting a website up and running and I got to say this has been the most difficult and trying time of my publishing process. There are so many choices, both free and paid options, and to someone who is not fluent in the computer language it has been a rutting nightmare. Regardless, I am on my way and finally have a domain name and am currently working on my webpage. I sure hope this next step is an easier one. 

    Because I live in Canada I have the option of using Shaw Business to purchase a domain name and web presence. I installed WordPress (through Shaw) and am now working on setting up my website. You can go through WordPress website itself to set up a blog or use them to set up your domain. They are reasonably priced too. There are other free options, but are limited to what they can provide (for what I wanted) so I chose Shaw as we are already customers for other things. This is new to me and everything is a learning curve. Don’t worry, learning is fun for me. I am not complaining. Okay. Just a bit. (Perhaps, more crying in the corner.)

    Anyway, on to more learning. 
    Please feel free to check out my new website and subscribe to my newsletter where you will be one of the first to know of all my publishing dates, writing updates, and to read samples of my upcoming novel. 

    Thank you and keep creating.

    JT Harris.

  • Changes Are Coming

    Over this next month many things are changing. I am starting up a newsletter about my writing, publishing ups and downs, and free writing samples from my debut novel. I am getting excited and feeling a bit frustrated due to things not running as smoothly as I would have liked. Don’t worry. I am not discouraged. 

    I think I may have signed up for a bit too many sites that are supposed to help me achieve all my marketing dreams. I am unsure if some of these are leading me down the right path for me or not, but it’s worth a try. If I go the wrong way at least I have learned which road not to travel. 

    Getting started to become an author is a bumpy one and I am learning lots, but I got to say that I am really looking forward to when my first book is published so it can pave the way to more. Please tell me it gets easier. 🙂

    Good luck to you all and keep creating.

    Inkblade Writer.
  • Goals for the Near Future

    Just a quick post this week!

    I am not a New Year’s resolution kind of person, but I do believe in goals. Goals can spark us to move forward to accomplish many great things. Telling a few people our goals can give us the fine kick in the bottom that we need because we don’t want to fail. (Having to tell our friends that we didn’t meet our goals is something most of us don’t want to do – besides, our friends can be great cheerleaders, right?)

    There are some goals that I would like to work on these next few months and am not sure if I am doing these goals in the right order or if I should be concentrating on others instead, but I will tweak accordingly if and when it suits my publishing needs.

    One of the goals I am hoping to do this month is to find a few more “alpha” readers to read and give me constructive criticism for the early draft of my manuscript. Even though I have many things I’d like to change in my story I’d like to have other peoples’ opinions and take on the story – to see if my opinions are the same as other’s opinions. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 

    The next goal of mine is to start a newsletter for you all and any new “followers”. Fans? You lovely people who are interested in my progress! Yes. That sounds good.

    Right now, I am writing out character profiles for each of my support and background characters. I have compiled  a list of questions and stats for each of my named characters. Let’s just say, it has been a very interesting learning time for me and for my story. Everyone is coming alive and layered and I want to hug them all. I knew my characters before, but now I am digging deeper and learning quite a bit more about everyone and everything. Every crack. Every corner. Fun times. Truly. I highly recommend trying this for your background characters. (I know it can be tedious, but in the end, it will be so worth it.) I suppose my goal for writing out each profile would be to finish all the profiles by the end of next week. (Kids are full of adventure and keep me quite busy, which is why it will take me another week.)

    Making goals for myself is one of the ways I keep myself on track. Procrastination is a deep, deep, well of doing nothing that I frequent. A lot. Everyone has their own process, and goals work for me. 

    The summer will be here soon and I am determined to be published by then. Yay!
    What are some of your goals?

    Have a great winter, happy goal keeping, and keep creating.

    Inkblade Writer.

    PS. Okay, my post was much longer than intended. Apparently I had more to say than I thought. Thank you for spending some of your time with me. 

  • Setting Goals.

    Photo via <a href=”https://pixabay.com/en/users/MannyvonKannen-699079/”>MannyvonKannen</a> via <a href=”https://visualhunt.com/photos/christmas/”>VisualHunt.com</a>
    As many of my friends and family know, I have won this year’s NaNoWriMo! And, I couldn’t be happier about it. 

    I have been so busy with my writing and Christmastime that I have put a slight halt to my blogging. I love you all for your patience. Thank you!

    Christmas is almost upon us, again, and there’s so much to prepare, lists to check off, people to see, and, of course, writing to be finished. I have given myself a bit of time to chew over what I wrote in the month of November and am doing a bit more world building for my fantasy before I jump into editing and begin to mold and whip my story into shape. My editing cap is almost ready to be worn. 😉

    I have decided to give myself a deadline/ end goal for my manuscript to be finished. My reason for my goal is because I am a procrastinator and if I have a goal I will procrastinate less. The more I focus on my goal the more I will do. I may even wait until the bitter end before I throw myself into action, but I am determined to get the manuscript finished. So, my end goal is to have the book ready by the summer of 2017! 

    Wish me luck. This is so new to me. And scary. And fun. And challenging. I will be updating my progress at most every step that I take. If you’d like to check my progress you can keep checking here on my blog or check out my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/inkbladewriter/

    Thank you so much for joining me today! 
    Until next time.
    Keep creating and Merry December,  Happy Winter Solstice, and have a joyous Christmas.

    Inkblade Writer.

  • Nine more days left of NaNoWriMo.

    After about 35,000 words of writing I am still moving forward. With some busy days mixed in I have slowed down a bit, but am hoping to get back on track again and plow ahead. My goal today is to write as often as I can, whenever I have a moment I will sit and write. One thing I have learned during NaNoWriMo is that word sprints are fun and super helpful to get my words down without over thinking. 

    A word sprint is when you (and hopefully others) write for ten or fifteen minutes (or for however long you wish) as much and as fast as you can without overthinking. Then, when time is up you tell each other how many words you have all written. This is not a competition; it’s a challenge to yourself. Try to beat your word count. Not others. Everyone writes at their own speed. 
    If you haven’t tried sprinting I highly encourage you to try. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely worked for me. Good luck and happy writing.

    Now, I must be off to sprint, sprint, sprint!

    Until next time, keep creating. 
    Inkblade Writer.

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  • NaNoWriMo, Day One

    NaNoWriMo is here! My post will be brief for sure this time for my fingers shall be busy typing my story.

    I am here to say good luck and speedy writing. Drink lots of water eat lots of food, take the odd break to move around then get back to writing.

    Happy Creating.
    Inkblade Writer.

  • A Good Seat For NaNoWriMo

    So, it’s a wet, cold rainy day today, which is very normal at this time of year for where I live, and I am snuggled up with some homemade soup, hot cocoa, and my big couch potato of a dog, and am getting excited and nervous as “Preptober” comes to an end and NaNoWriMo comes to a start. November is less than a week a way and I must write 50,000 words in the 30 days. Yikes and yay! I have never attempted this. Please wish me lots of luck and speedy typing fingers.

    Most of my story outline is complete and have a good idea where my story is going. I am not too worried about the story itself, but more or less whether I will allow myself not to be too picky about the fine details. I can tweak these later. I am not a fast writer, but am a fast thinker (when it comes to stories and ideas.) 

    Writing the outline is only part of my prep this year. The other part is making sure I am comfortable in my chosen/ favourite writing spot. My main goal is to get a comfy writing chair! I have some spine issues which can cause me a lot of headaches if I am sitting in the wrong position for too long. I truly need a better chair than the ones I have. So, I will do my research for a good chair!

    Any suggestions for a good chair with proper back support?

    Good luck everyone who is taking on NaNoWriMo. May the rest of your prep time be smooth and that you find/plan/prepare everything you need for November.

    Keep creating! 
    Inkblade Writer.